June 24, 2018
  • 1:28 pm Gyms in France

Today we will talk about the gyms in France, we will talk about how they conform, about the amount of people who visit them, we will see that the French are very cultured when caring for their body or at least most of them. As in any public space, gyms are governed by certain rules of behavior that are responsible for establishing the respective owners and seeking to maintain the healthy coexistence among their customers. However, in addition to this code that we can find through posters stuck on the walls, there is a hidden curriculum that we must necessarily know all the people who often go to these sites and that we care about leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is thought that gyms are only for the muscular, lift weights or models but the truth is that anyone who is concerned about their health or whether it is their physical can visit one. There are several ways to join a gym in France can be partial, per day and the most common is per month, prices vary depending on the location of the place and the quality of service provided, many of these are accessible and you can find them in almost anywhere in France.

Many of the gyms in France are very elegant and have different types of activities and exercises, so also for the first time they are assigned an instructor so they can get to know the types of exercises, warm-ups and also to make sure you do not go to have any problem with any weight, so it is always recommended to start with the lowest possible weight, according to instructors this will gradually increase until you feel comfortable with a weight depends also if your goal is to gain muscle or otherwise of weight. Like many other businesses and companies, gyms can find information about them on the internet or in any social network so that they interact with those who are interested in attending. Providing information about promotions, events, etc. Attracting people’s attention in this way is very effective given that in these technological times is the best way to give publicity. If you do not know which gym to attend you can go to different blogs and review the comments you can also find the one closest to you.

Although people are increasingly aware of the benefits of healthy eating and physical exercise, the culture of the gym in France remains an activity that does not enjoy much popularity. Specifically in 2008 only 5.4 of the French belong to a health club, purchased with 9.5% of Italy, 11.9% of United Kingdom or even 16.6% of Spain is a figure a little ridiculous. There are numerous gym groups from communities or associations that are entitled to government subsidies and tempt many consumers with low prices despite their often somewhat unsophisticated facilities compared to those that are private. Really the main sports activities of the French are football, tennis and cycling, although in none of them have reaped the slightest success in recent years … Moreover, in France exercise does not enjoy a special fame, nor the celebrities, not even President Sarkozy during his 2007 elections, earned points for transmitting an athletic image.

On the other hand, gyms or business owners should think of opening low cost gyms or with much more affordable rates that encourage people to try their facilities. Just as the big chains of restaurants have adapted their offer to the French market, clubs should do the same to promote the culture of the gym, perhaps with an area for lunch or a coffee before or after exercise in the gym. Each gym offers specialized rooms with activities directed by specialized trainers and Spa-Blase or swimming pool facilities where you can tone your body, relax your mind and feel good. In addition, a Beauty Center is complementary with a gym to offer the latest treatments and equipment to complete your well-being.

A wide range of activities

It would be impossible to make a complete list of activities offered by any gym, since they are also renewed and expanded almost daily. However, surely you are interested in knowing something of their most characteristic activities. The most popular are these three: Cardiovascular Exercise: It is convenient to do it in a gentle way, at a pace that does not force your breath more than you can handle. In the gym you will find many machines for this type of exercise: the tape, the bicycle, the elliptical, etc. All of them are appropriate for everyone, always adapting the resistance, of course. Try them all with the advice of your coach.

Weight exercises: They must be supervised by a professional. Thus, any possible error in the movement will be corrected instantly. The secret of the weights is to watch the technique a lot and you do not need a lot of weight to get tired. That is, you fatigue the muscle so that it is forced to improve with each stimulus received. Directed Activities: These are classes that will be very fun for you, as they are done in groups and in general with music. Also, in them you will feel controlled, because they are always done with a monitor. For that reason, they are very advisable, especially at the beginning. You will find classes of all levels, so you only have to consult which one is the best for you. Although do not give up trying the rest!

But you do not go there to compete. Neither do they. Each one follows his rhythm. And if you do it like that, you’ll see how going to a gym is an experience that you’ll end up hooking up. Not only because of the friendships you can make or the advice of the professionals who work, but above all because of the variety of sports offered at your disposal. You will see how exercising is beneficial, as long as it is progressive in its intensity, although sufficiently intense that it costs a certain effort.